Bulling workshop info

DerRics Workshops are always done with a sense of humor, and are fun for the Workshop Participants. DerRic uses Comedy to get across his message on Bullying and Speaks from his own experience in youth.

DerRics own Experience. DerRic tells his story and how he was a victim in his youth. "Everyday I was bullied, made fun of, and beat up on the bus, to and from school "
"Once I received Kermit D Frog for Christmas, I found myself doing shows on the bus "
"I was becoming very popular, and started adding characters and voices to my Shows"

2-Understanding the Bully
-The Bully as a victim
-Why they Act Out for Control
-Problems at home and low self esteem

3-Todays Solutions
-Communication to Care Givers
-Zero Tolerance to Abuse
-Getting Help

4-We are all Unique and Special People
-Being Different
-Doing something you like
-Your own Goals
-Taking Steps towards Goals
-Following Your Dreams