Wind Dancer

Wind Dancer

Wind Dancer is your typical 14-16 year old , upwardly mobile ,a bit self possessed, a bit of a Diva.
But she is very , very ,shy

"Hey ...........Those boys , .....yea over there..........They Keep Lookin at me ! Ever Sick !"
"I think they want my phone #" "No Wayyyyyy -Not Even Yous"

She likes to Jingle Dress Dance in the Summer at traditional gaterings and Pow Wows

She is worldly and highly educated and
Oh My .....Too Ugly That One Over there .....ya you .! ........Talk to the Hand !

She recently entered show business and Co-hosted the Aboriginal Achievement Awards with Adam Beach
"Holy , I hope he liked my hair !"
"He wants to "take me to the Rez , and Dance me outside" .

Wind Dancer is the Star of the New National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Video "Taking Pulse". This Video is a Careers in Broadcast Presentaion for Canadian Schools.